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The original Arabic sweets are symbolized in one word, Le Damas Sweets,  as it is known for its high quality and distinctive taste, which reflects the long experience in the sweets industry.

Le Damas was founded in 2014 at its factory in Dubai based on the traditional blends and recipes used at the original headquarters back.

Le Damas is keen to use the finest raw materials and is strictly careful to avoid preservatives, colorants, flavorings, genetically modified materials, and other chemicals, which qualified us to obtain the quality certificates to export all kinds of Arabic sweets to the whole world based on the latest and highest quality of packing.


The team at Le Damas Sweet arrives early every day at the beginning of the sunrise, to immediately start preparing the dough sheets that are needed for making baklava, these chips take up the largest space in the production of the entire assortment of Arabic sweets. It requires the vast experience of our pastry chefs

Le Damas Sweet pays great attention to every detail from the raw materials used in the manufacturing process all the way to the final product, packing, and ensuring that customers’ requirements and satisfaction are met. As the factory operates according to high-quality standards according to the HACCP certificate.

It is subject to periodic inspection by Dubai Municipality, in order to ensure the continuity of quality and delicious taste.

Combines factory skills and professional competence of the sweets chefs who have gained their experience from generation to generation, taking into account the application commensurate with the high standards of the needs of today as each batch of baked pastries, fresh-turned into a creative and delicious and amazing dishes incredibly, using the finest kinds of pistachio, cashew nuts, and a variety Nuts as main ingredients, in order to produce Arabic sweets known by their distinctive names, such as Mabrouma, cashew fingers, Guraiba, Barazek, dates Mamoul, and more.

We inherited this profession from our ancestors, where we started working in it in 1951 in a small shop in the city of Damascus and decided to move to Dubai in 2014.




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