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Frequently Asked Questions

You don't have to worry about it at all, All of our products are 100% fresh and are manufactured on a daily basis so that they will definitely reach you Fresh. 

Within the UAE: Usually it takes less than 24 hours to deliver the order from confirming the order depending on the emirate in which the order is delivered. The order is delivered by refrigerated cars dedicated to transporting sweets and licensed by Dubai Municipality
Outside the UAE: It takes one to five working days for the order to be delivered, depending on the country and city in which the order is delivered. The order is delivered by express air freight, and through experience, the order has been delivered to some countries such as Saudi Arabia Bahrain and Oman within less than 24 hours of confirming the request, while it took four days to deliver the request to a country such as Canada and US.

Congratulations on your first purchase with Le Damas. Unless prompted, you need not respond unless called by the Customer Service team or asked to specifically. This is to confirm your order and ensure you are able to track your order with the order ID.

Certainly, we always aim to maintain the comfort of our valued customers in their shopping through our website, taking into consideration the desire of a customer sometimes to change the item that he purchased. In the event that you have purchased an item online and have not received it yet, you can cancel the purchase order. And if you pay the value of the item via an electronic payment card (credit, debit or other payment card), then the amount of money paid that may be delayed for some time will be refunded to look at your payment card data, which is up to the individual payment card providers. If you want to return the item after receiving it, you must do so within a period not exceeding 5 days, even if the packages are open .. In all cases, you can contact our customer service team via the “Contact Us” page to return the item or refund the money Paid.

We have been working in this profession since 1951 and bequeathed it from our ancestors generation after generation, and therefore we always select in the manufacture of Arabic sweets and baklava the best raw materials from pistachios, cashews and animal ghee exclusively, the brand of the GPLD MEDAL. Our products are characterized by being low in sugar and rich With nuts, you will get more sweet pieces compared to the same weight than other brands available in the market.

Inside the Emirates: The minimum order value is 60 AED.

Outside the Emirates: The minimum order value is 200 AED, or its equivalent in US  55$

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